Internet Acceptable Use Standards

- Students will use school-provided internet access with parent/guardian written permission and direct teacher permission and supervision.

- Students’ personal information such as their pictures, addresses, telephone numbers, parents’/guardians’ names, home or work addresses, telephone or fax numbers are not to be posted online.

- Students who receive information or messages that make them uncomfortable will immediately report the occurrence to the supervising teacher.

- Students will never agree to meet with someone they correspond with on-line without the permission of their parents/guardians.

- Students will follow the school’s established guidelines for going on the internet, which are clearly posted and have been explained to the students.

- Students will be permitted to compose, send, or receive personal e-mail only when authorized by a teacher, and only on the school's ednet email service.

- Students can copy only material for which they have permission.

- Students will use computer time for assigned work, and only valid searches pertaining to school work are permitted. Searches for personal use or connecting to social media are not permitted.

- Students will not accept private or personal materials, information, or files of others without permission.

- Students may view published web pages and cite information obtained for them appropriately. Teacher permission is to be obtained before downloading information to the computer, or printing the contents of an article or webpage.

- Students will not vandalize, damage, or disable the work of another individual or organization.

- Students will not modify or disable settings, or attempt to damage or destroy computer hardware or files.

- Students will not access, create, or distribute inappropriate material, imagery, or language.
Consequences of Unacceptable Internet Use:

- Violation of the school use policy may result in suspension of internet privileges.

- When appropriate, law enforcement agencies may be involved.


Use of any information obtained via the internet is at the user’s own risk.