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We Are Nut Aware and Shellfish Aware!

* Health Warning *

We have students and staff members attending Pentz Elementary School who have a severe life threatening allergy to peanuts, tree nuts and shellfish. Exposure to even a small amount of these products could cause anaphylactic shock, and, without immediate emergency medical assistance, loss of consciousness and death. The school has established an extreme allergy management and prevention plan for those affected, in consultation with the parents, other staff members, and the public health nurse.

At Pentz Elementary School, we accept and appreciate the diversity of our students and staff and, with the support of parents, strive to provide a safe environment for everyone. We are requesting that you do not include any peanut, nut  or shellfish products  in the recess snacks and lunches for your child.

We realize that this request is inconvenient for you at times, however, we wish to express our sincere appreciation for your support and understanding of these life threatening allergies.

NSTU Work-To-Rule Strike Impact on Student Supervision and Arrival and Departure Times

As you are aware, the Nova Scotia Teachers Union announced that it intends to begin a work-to-rule strike on Monday, December 5 at all schools across Nova Scotia. The NSTU has stated that teachers will continue to carry out their instructional duties in classrooms, but will not continue any extracurricular activities like concerts, coaching teams, field trips or supervising clubs whether planned during the school day, after school or evening.

The NSTU has indicated that teachers will arrive 20 minutes before school and leave 20 minutes after school. They will not attend any planning meetings. Additionally, teachers will not provide any supervisory duty over lunch break.

In response, SSRSB is making contingency plans, particularly regarding student supervision.

During this work-to-rule strike, schools in SSRSB will open and close for students 20 minutes before and after the regular opening and closing time for your school because teachers will not be providing supervision of students during this period. For example, if the regular opening time for your school is 9:00 a.m., the school will be open at 8:40 a.m. This also applies to dismissal, with schools closing for students 20 minutes after the normal closing time for the school. To be clear, students cannot arrive at their school before 20 minutes before the regular opening bell and cannot remain longer than 20 minutes after the final bell.

SSRSB bus arrival and pick-up times all fall within the 20 minute window of time. For those students who arrive at school by other means, whether by walking or parent / guardian drop-off, supervision will not be provided before or after the above stated times.

Teachers are required to supervise recess breaks for students grades Primary to 6.

SSRSB has made plans for the supervision of students over lunch breaks, through other available staff or additional staff hired for the job. The Principal’s responsibility at this time is to be visible and accessible for matters related to student safety and security.

The Early Years Centre at New Germany Elementary, school-based regulated childcare operations, SchoolsPlus and after hours use of school facilities for community use that do not involve teachers will continue. Community use of facilities will continue for those groups with signed facility use permits.

We will continue to share information as it becomes available.


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