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We Are Nut Aware!

* Health Warning *

We have students attending Pentz Elementary School who have a severe life threatening allergy to peanuts and tree nuts. Exposure to even a small amount of these products could cause anaphylactic shock, and, without immediate emergency medical assistance, loss of consciousness and death. The school has established an extreme allergy management and prevention plan for these students, in consultation with the parents, other staff members, and the public health nurse.

At Pentz Elementary School, we accept and appreciate the diversity of our students and, with the support of parents, strive to provide a safe environment for all students. In this case, we are requesting that you do not include any peanut or nut products in the recess snacks and lunches for your child.

We realize that this request is inconvenient for you at times, however, we wish to express our sincere appreciation for your support and understanding of this life threatening allergy.

Schedule for Garden Watering:




June 30 - July 2

Mandy Hynes

July 3 – July 9

Tammy Baxter

July 10 – July 16

Carol Slack-Wamboldt

July 17 – July 23

Katy Jodrey

July 24 – July 30

Carol Slack-Wamboldt

July 31 – August 6

Ashley Corkum

August 7 – August 13

Laura Brown

August 14 – August 20

Liz Allen

August 21 – August 27

Mandy Hynes

August 28 – September 3

Kelly Reddy


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